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Updates to Erudite Expressions

I haven’t posted in my prints blog in four months, so I wanted to highlight some important changes to Erudite Expressions, as well as mention a couple of reminders about prints.

1) Fotomoto recently released a “Share” button, so if you navigate to the top of a photo, you should see that option (highlighted in a screenshot below). You can share on Facebook, Twitter (though this feature could use a URL shortening by, Google Buzz, or Digg:

New feature: Share the Photo

New feature from Fotomoto: the Share Button!

2) I dropped the price of Wallpaper-sized images that you can download to your desktop to just $1.00 (it used to be $2.00). You can find the option to download wallpaper-sized images under the “download” link above the photo.

3) I also found out that I have a few 50% off prints coupon codes still unclaimed. If you want to take advantage of the offer, use coupon code B54D54 after clicking the “purchase a print” option above the photo and entering the coupon in the “Discount” box of the shopping cart. I’ve previously discussed Fotomoto and purchasing prints from Erudite Expressions in this post.

Thanks for your support! I plan on updating this prints blog a bit more often the rest of the year.


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Supporting the Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort: Prints Sale

Earlier today, I wrote a blog post encouraging photographers to help out in the relief effort of the recent earthquake which has devastated the island nation of Haiti. If you haven’t read that post yet, please do so now.

As I outlined in that post, we photographers can help out by donating a portion of our sales proceeds (either through prints or bookings) to the charities directly working in Haiti right now.

If you want to participate in this effort revolving around the images I have been posting over the last three and a half years on my photoblog, Erudite Expressions, then please continue reading.

I’ve decided that I will do a prints sale where 50% of your order at Erudite Expressions will go to a charity of your choice. If you don’t specify a charity, then I will donate to Partners in Health (the reason? I was moved by the efforts of that organization in Haiti after reading Tracy Kidder’s beautiful work, Mountains Beyond Mountains). You can read the latest news about the efforts of Partners in Health here. Of course, if you don’t participate in this promotion, then I encourage you to give directly to Partners in Health or your charity of choice.

To answer all your questions about this print promotion, the FAQs follow.

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Holiday Prints Sale: 50% Off Prints

I’m holding another prints sale, and it’s the biggest prints sale of the year!

From now until end of day on December 28, 2009 January 7, 2010 you can take 50% off prints which you may order at Erudite Expressions. Just use the “purchase a print” option located above any image, and then use coupon code “B54D54″ (no quotes) at checkout. The code is valid for all print sizes. The orders go through Fotomoto, and you can pay with your credit card (learn more about Fotomoto in this post). You can purchase with confidence.

The code is valid for the first ten (10) customers who take advantage of this offer or until end of day December 28, 2009 January 7, 2010, whichever occurs first. So act fast. It’s the biggest discount I’ve offered for prints, so I hope someone takes advantage of it. Please note that you can purchase multiple prints in a single transaction; if you just click on the “Continue Shopping” box, you can navigate to a different page, with your item(s) saved in the shopping cart. A screen shot of purchasing a print is shown below. FAQs are also presented after the screenshot.

Purchasing a print via the "Purchase a Print" option located above the photo. Apply the coupon code B54D54 in the discount box to take 50% off the order.

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