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My Favorites on Erudite Expressions in 2010

Below are my favorite twenty-five images I have posted on Erudite Expressions in 2010, presented in reverse chronological order. Do click on the image to be taken to the respective photoblog entry if you want to read more about the photograph (where it was taken, why I took the photo, a description of post-processing technique, etc.).

1. Hungary’s Heroes:

2. Moon over Seville:

3. Aral Station:

4. City on a Hill:

5.  Escape into Azure:

6. Happy Summer:

7. Bird Eat Bird (read the story behind this photograph):

8. The Grand Door:

9. Recharge:

10. The High Line City:

11. Privat:

12. Memorial Day 2010:

13. Gotham City:

14. Cruise Party:

15. Waiting for a Tourist:

16. Vintage Prague:

17. Prague Corner:

18. The Veiled Bride:

19. Lilac Bloom:

20. Motion, Storm:

21. Moda (this one has a caption contest):

22. The Art of the Wait:

23. A Study in Light:

24. A Row, a Pasture:

25. Handle on Blue:

Thanks for looking!


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