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Free 8″x10″ Print Giveaway (Engagement/Interaction Question)

I’ve been thinking about what to do for my latest prints giveaway for a few months now, and I’ve settled on doing a question/answer contest, curated by me.

I’ve mentioned about the contest on my photoblog in a couple of posts (see here and here), and below are the basics behind this latest giveaway. The FAQs follow the summary of the contest.

I am giving away between two and four 8″x10″ prints which were unsold in my ongoing prints sale (as of this writing: all thirty-five prints). To enter this contest, first think about your presence on the web, as well as the presence of brands, companies, celebrities, photographers, musicians, artists, and/or other entitites you know. What I am curious about is how you interact and engage with the audience. Is there something that this entity (subject) does that invariably leads you to come back to see more and more of their work, their new product line, their blog posts, etc.? If so, can you distill what they’re doing right in a paragraph or two?

To enter this contest, leave a comment on this blog post incorporating some of the points/questions raised below:

  • If you’re a devout follower of a certain brand/website/celebrity, can you explain what they’re doing that is grabbing your attention? Is it their presence on twitter? Their excellent facebook page? The way they are responding to your comments?
  • To answer the question above, it may help if you leave a comment about your personal experience with one (or more, if you choose) subject (be it a person, a product, a celebrity, a website) which made you think: wow, I want to continue interacting (by interacting I mean: following/replying on Twitter, commenting on blog posts, subscribing to the RSS feed, buying products, using word-of-mouth to tell others about your experience, etc.) with this subject, because they’re totally getting me. It may have been just one experience that totally swooned you, and you became a total fan. Or it might be the continued reciprocity that you’re receiving, which leaves you coming back for more.

The reason for the open-ended question is that I’m trying to get a better idea of how people connect. I need to become better at interaction and engagement, so I think it’s a good question to ponder. The details of the free print giveaway are below in the FAQs.

Q: What does this contest entail?
A: It’s a free print giveaway of 8″x10″ prints, which may be seen here.

Q: How do I enter the contest?
A: Simply leave a comment on this blog post responding to the engagement/interaction question I raised above.

Q: OK, so I want to leave a comment. Is there a restriction on how long my comment should be?
A: Nope, there isn’t. If you think you can distill your thoughts down to a sentence, go for it. If you need a few paragraphs to explain, that’s fine too.

Q: How many prints are you giving away?
A: I will give away anywhere between two and four prints, depending on the number of responses I receive.

Q: How will you pick the winners?
A: Unlike my previous free print giveaways, I will not be using a random number generator for this contest. I’ll be looking for interesting and thought-provoking responses, and I’ll pick the best responses myself by the end of this contest.

Q: How long do I have to submit a comment?
A: I’ll leave the comments open on this post until 11:59:59PM on December 24, 2009. UPDATE: Contest extended until December 31, 2009.

Q: If I win, can I exchange the print for cash?
A: As usual, the answer is no.

Q: What if I really want to answer this question, but I don’t care for a free print?
A: Feel free to participate in this discussion! I’ll be emailing you before I send out the prints, so if you don’t want a print, either simply state your preference in your comment, or in a subsequent email exchange.

Q: What if I have something interesting to share but don’t want to respond in public?
A: I prefer people respond in a public space because I think it will tune others to interesting examples of interaction/engagment on the web. So, for this contest, I’m only soliciting public comments.

Q: Are there any restrictions on who can receive the print?
A: Yes, my only restriction is that you live in the continental United States (saves me on shipping costs). I still encourage everyone to chime in with their thoughts, however.

Q: But what about…
A: If there is anything I didn’t cover, or if I was unclear about something, please send me an email or leave a comment on this post.

Q: What prints are available in this free print giveaway?
A: Images of a select number of prints are below. For a complete list, see this entry.

“To Be Played Again”:

“Alcázar of Toledo:

“The Thinker”:

“The Lion’s Grip”:

“Overlook in Mijas”:

Thanks for looking and participating!


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  1. Hey there, let me give it a try.

    I follow a lot of different websites. The one I check the most is What’s grabbing my attention there is the HDR photos posted daily. I’ve been “following” that site for a few years, and the photos never cease to amaze. The site also has some informative tutorials and videos

    My personal experience is probably similar to that of the creator of that website. I used to take photos there were either over exposed or under exposed, I would show the photos and would say, “well it was better when i was there”. I think HDR helps capture all the colors and contrast in the photo I saw when I was taking it.
    I’ve learned that HDR doesn’t work for all situations. I mostly use HDR for those sun rise and sunset shots.

    Hope this helps. Follow me on Twitter and stop by my site, !

    Comment by Pat OBrien | December 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. I find that the most follow-able Twitter personalities have a few characteristics that make it easy and valuable to subscribe.

    It’s important to maintain a moderate amount of information input/output. Some folks go for days without updates, leaving the reader wondering what’s up and expecting more. Others send constant updates about anything and everything: waking up, what’s for breakfast, blah blah blah it’s too much. The successful info stream has enough information to keep the reader engaged and interested, but not too much to trip the mental spam filters.

    The content of posts should be directed and deliberate. Inane and irrelevent stuff gets unsubscribed pretty quickly. Posts that demand response will get more attention. A common theme is Question of the Day, especially with giveaways: it engages the readers to think and offers a reward.

    Consistency of message is important. If your profile, website, info stream, and everything are all about the same topic it will be easy to identify your interests. Subscribers looking for that content will be satisfied.

    Follow me on Twitter !

    Comment by John Krah | December 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. I don’t follow one thing specifically really, just because I don’t like to be online all the time. But, I enjoy following blogs of people I know. It’s a way to keep in touch with people you may not see as often as you’d like. Even if I stumble upon a blog or website of someone I don’t know, I think the thing that may keep me coming back the most is personal experience. If a photoblog, for example, has great pictures to keep me interested, that’s one thing. But if the description of the photo tells a story or experience about why the photo means something to the photographer or why he/she decided to take it, then it keeps me interested. In a similar way to keeping up with a blog of a friend, when there are stories, it feels like I am more involved and can be part of what the photo shows.

    Since I don’t follow Twitter accounts or engage in contests all of the time, my input may not be exactly the type of thing that is of interest, but it gives a little different perspective.

    Comment by Bethany | December 30, 2009 | Reply

  4. […] 9. “Mediterranean Fury” – won by Pat in the December 2009 Free Print Giveaway […]

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