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Holiday Prints Sale: 50% Off Prints

I’m holding another prints sale, and it’s the biggest prints sale of the year!

From now until end of day on December 28, 2009 January 7, 2010 you can take 50% off prints which you may order at Erudite Expressions. Just use the “purchase a print” option located above any image, and then use coupon code “B54D54″ (no quotes) at checkout. The code is valid for all print sizes. The orders go through Fotomoto, and you can pay with your credit card (learn more about Fotomoto in this post). You can purchase with confidence.

The code is valid for the first ten (10) customers who take advantage of this offer or until end of day December 28, 2009 January 7, 2010, whichever occurs first. So act fast. It’s the biggest discount I’ve offered for prints, so I hope someone takes advantage of it. Please note that you can purchase multiple prints in a single transaction; if you just click on the “Continue Shopping” box, you can navigate to a different page, with your item(s) saved in the shopping cart. A screen shot of purchasing a print is shown below. FAQs are also presented after the screenshot.

Purchasing a print via the "Purchase a Print" option located above the photo. Apply the coupon code B54D54 in the discount box to take 50% off the order.

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Free 8″x10″ Print Giveaway (Engagement/Interaction Question)

I’ve been thinking about what to do for my latest prints giveaway for a few months now, and I’ve settled on doing a question/answer contest, curated by me.

I’ve mentioned about the contest on my photoblog in a couple of posts (see here and here), and below are the basics behind this latest giveaway. The FAQs follow the summary of the contest.

I am giving away between two and four 8″x10″ prints which were unsold in my ongoing prints sale (as of this writing: all thirty-five prints). To enter this contest, first think about your presence on the web, as well as the presence of brands, companies, celebrities, photographers, musicians, artists, and/or other entitites you know. What I am curious about is how you interact and engage with the audience. Is there something that this entity (subject) does that invariably leads you to come back to see more and more of their work, their new product line, their blog posts, etc.? If so, can you distill what they’re doing right in a paragraph or two?

To enter this contest, leave a comment on this blog post incorporating some of the points/questions raised below:

  • If you’re a devout follower of a certain brand/website/celebrity, can you explain what they’re doing that is grabbing your attention? Is it their presence on twitter? Their excellent facebook page? The way they are responding to your comments?
  • To answer the question above, it may help if you leave a comment about your personal experience with one (or more, if you choose) subject (be it a person, a product, a celebrity, a website) which made you think: wow, I want to continue interacting (by interacting I mean: following/replying on Twitter, commenting on blog posts, subscribing to the RSS feed, buying products, using word-of-mouth to tell others about your experience, etc.) with this subject, because they’re totally getting me. It may have been just one experience that totally swooned you, and you became a total fan. Or it might be the continued reciprocity that you’re receiving, which leaves you coming back for more.

The reason for the open-ended question is that I’m trying to get a better idea of how people connect. I need to become better at interaction and engagement, so I think it’s a good question to ponder. The details of the free print giveaway are below in the FAQs.
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