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Ongoing Prints Sale: 8″x10″ Prints

The Summer Prints Sale has passed, but I’m still left with quite a few unsold 8″x10″ prints. Rather than giving up on these unsold prints, I have decided to extend the sale on the unsold 8″x10″ prints indefinitely. There is no expiration date for this sale. One difference from the Summer Prints Sale which I’ve incorporated in the current sale is that you can now purchase as many as five prints (I imposed a maximum of three prints purchased for the Summer Prints Sale).  As per my usual style, a list of some FAQs is below.

Q: What is this sale/promotion all about?
A: The sale is for the 8″x10″ prints which I own; these prints were unsold from the Spring Prints Sale and the Summer Prints Sale I held earlier in the year. All of the images may be found on my photoblog, Erudite Expressions.

Q: What kind of prints are they?
A: The prints were printed at a professional printing lab, Mpix. All of these 8″x10″ prints have a metallic finish; as I mentioned before, I think the metallic finish is amazing.

Q: Which prints are available for sale?
A: Scroll down to see which images are available.

Q: What’s the process for ordering one print?

A: If you want to order one image, please find the link to the image (each image below is hyperlinked to the respective photoblog entry) and select “purchase a print” at the bottom of the post. To order, find the “ongoing prints sale” option in the purchase pop-up window (on the bottom), as shown below:

View of "The Lion's Grip" and the pop-up purchase window on the right; the "ongoing prints sale" purchase options are highlighted

View of "The Lion's Grip" and the pop-up purchase window on the right; the "ongoing prints sale" purchase options are highlighted

Select the appropriate radio button (to purchase either one, two, three, four, or five prints) and click submit. Payment is carried out via Paypal, as it is easy and secure (note: you don’t need to own a Paypal account to order; all that is necessary to purchase is a valid credit card).

Q: What’s the process for ordering more than one print?
A: If you want to order more than one print, I ask that you follow the procedure above (but select the appropriate option for how many prints you want to order; in this sale, you have the option of purchasing one, two, three, four, or five prints in a single transaction). Then, please email me at elbelbelb2000[at]gmail[dot]com which (other) images you want to receive (you can either provide the hyperlink to the image or just cite the title of the image). Alternatively, you can just email me all the prints you want to order and send me the appropriate funds via Paypal to my address, elbelbelb2000[at]gmail[dot]com.

Q: How will I know which prints are still available?
A: Since this is a first-come, first-serve promotion, I will keep a close watch to my e-mail inbox. As soon as an order is through, I will cross out those images which are no longer available.

Q: What are the prices of the prints?
A: For this sale, the prices for the 8″x10″ prints are as follows:

  • one 8″x10″ print:  $30.00
  • two 8″x10″ prints:  $50.00
  • three 8″x10″ prints:  $60.00
  • four 8″x10″ prints: $75.00
  • five 8″x10″ prints: $90.00

The pricing structure is set up so that the more prints you order, the less expensive the unit price per print (for example: if you purchase two prints, your price per print is $25; if you purchase five prints, your price per print is $18). For this sale, I am capping the maximum number of print orders per transaction to five.

Q: What about shipping charges?
A: If your order is within the continental United States, the prices listed above already reflect all shipping costs. If you are an international customer, contact me to discuss international shipping options and rates.

Q: But what about…
A: If there is anything I didn’t cover, please send me an email.

Q: So which images are for sale as prints?
A: The following is the list of images (linked to the respective photoblog entry in which the image appears). If you aren’t keen on the selection of 8″x10″ prints below, you can take advantage of my other prints promotion (currently ongoing as well), which is valid for more than 1,200 images you may find on Erudite Expressions.

Click the “Read more” link below to see the images available in this sale. Thanks for your support!

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