Erudite Expressions (Prints)

These Prints are Amazing!

I just received some prints of my HDR images. I ordered the prints from Mpix; the prints have the metallic finish, and these prints look absolutely astonishing. Seriously, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before in a print. Best way to describe the metallic finish is to imagine a very thin sheet of aluminum or other metal, and then imagine how it reflects light from its shiny surface – this is how these prints feel in your hand, and how they look when you glance at them from the side.

I went ahead and arranged six of the 8″x12″ prints on my bed, and then I captured a photo. Here they are:

six HDR prints

I’ve included an iPod Touch (dimensions: 4.3″×2.4″) in the image just so you can get an idea the size of the prints. The HDR prints are of the following images (click on the links to see the images in larger size and to read their description):

Top left: “The Forbidden Temple”
Top Center: “Two Sides to a Story”
Top right: “The Ship Inside”

Bottom left: “A Different Vision”
Bottom center: “Poseidon’s Fury”
Bottom right: “Winged Obelisk”

Again, you can order prints just like the ones above from the promotion currently ongoing on my photoblog. The sale is for 8″x12″ prints (just like the ones seen above) plus 4″x6″ prints for only $20 (shipping in the United States included in that price). The sale lasts through June 15, 2008.


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Top Five List for Prints

There are only five days left for the print promotion currently ongoing at my photoblog. Since there are only five days left (the sale ends at 11:59 pm on June 15) to take advantage of this amazing offer, I thought I’d post my top five reasons why you should take advantage of the two year anniversary promotion and order some prints:

  • Images featured on my photoblog are meant to be seen on paper. When you think about it, the images that you see on Erudite Expressions are displayed in small resolution (usually 800×533 pixels). Additionally, your monitor only displays up to 72 dots per inch. When you see the images printed at 300 dots per inch, you can see all the minute details…I’ve spent over $500 in the last two years getting my images printed in sizes ranging from 4 inch by 6 inch prints to the massive 20 inch by 30 inch posters. If that sounds like a lot of money to be spent on prints – it’s because I passionately believe images are meant to be seen on paper rather than on the computer screen.
  • The quality of the prints is unrivaled. I use (arguably) the best printing lab in the United States (Mpix), and the images are printed on Kodak Endura archival paper designed to last one hundred years in a typical home. The prints also come with a metallic finish, giving them an incredible look.
  • I’ve been posting an image a day (with just a few exceptions) on the photoblog for over two years now (what are some things that you’ve done every single day for the last two years? you probably skipped a shower, or a lunch, or even forgot to brush your teeth in the morning). If you do order a print, it gives me additional motivation to keep going and to continue posting an image a day indefinitely. Of course, if you don’t order a print, words of encouragement and comments are highly appreciated as well (as always). Still, there’s nothing like taking pride knowing that your work is good enough to be (hopefully) framed and hung on the wall of someone’s house or apartment.
  • In the next few days, I am going to be upgrading to a more capable digital SLR (probably will be a separate entry in the coming days). Photography is an expensive hobby. You’ll be supporting me financially if you order a print.
  • You have nothing to lose if you order the prints. Based on my FAQ found at this link, if you’re not completely satisfied with the 8 inch by 12 inch prints (plus the 4 inch by 6 inch prints which are included in the sale as well), simply return the prints in their original condition, and you shall be refunded your $20, no questions asked. You can even keep one of the 8 inch by 12 inch prints for yourself, simply because you gave it a chance and decided to go through with the order. I’m not sure if I can be any more convincing.

Finally, thanks to all those who have ordered prints so far!

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