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Mpix Delivers…Again!

I’ve already mentioned in my previous post that I use Mpix for all my photography printing. I’ve tried out many other places, such as,,, as well as my local Sam’s Club and Walgreens. No one (from my experience with sending images out to labs for printing, which began in 2003) can match the quality of service and the quality of the prints that Mpix is able to deliver. I just wanted to say that from what I’ve seen, Mpix do the best job all-around.

Just recently, I ordered some 4″x6″ prints from their website, and in my haste, I made the mistake of selecting the wrong shipping address. I didn’t realize that I made this mistake until I didn’t receive shipment from them via FedEx the next business day (I waited for it all day and was displeased when it didn’t arrive). I then looked over my order online, and I realized that I used my last permanent shipping address instead of my current shipping address. I e-mailed customer service at Mpix and asked if there is anything that they can do for me. They didn’t have to do anything, except reply back and say that they would have to charge me again for the prints and the shipping. Well, they totally rocked my world by sending out the prints (via next day delivery by FedEx too), all at no extra charge to me. How unbelievable is that!? It was totally my fault for not checking my cart carefully, and here they have outdone themselves (again) with their service. I am grateful that I do business with such a great company. This recent event (of course, entirely my fault for occurring), which was reconciled with outstanding promptness and service, is another reason why Mpix delivers. It should be no surprise, then, that I will continue using Mpix exclusively in the future.


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Print Promotion Extended

I’ve decided to (indefinitely) extend my promotion for prints which can be ordered from my photoblog, Erudite Expressions. The details of the promotion were described in a previous post via an FAQ-type entry, but basically the (incredible) promotion revolves around getting two 8″x12″ prints + 4″x6″ prints (of the same scene) for $20 (shipping included in that price).

For those of you who ordered the prints, I’d appreciate it if you left a testimonial as a comment.

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